Looking to 2023 with Misty Tompoles

by | Jan 3, 2023

It is 2023. I spent New Year’s Eve in a yurt in Joshua Tree with my family and good friends. I wanted to ring in the new year under the stars. What would typically be a peaceful evening in the desert turned into 60mph winds and a 6-hour downpour. It was a frightful yet exciting night of hunkering down and crossing our fingers that we wouldn’t get blown away in the middle of the night.

The morning of New Year’s Day, we packed up and headed down the mountain, only to be met by the most spectacular rainbow stretching across the highway. Cars stopped to take photos, and everyone was struck by the moment and the sign of hope, beauty, and fortune to come.

 The last three years have been challenging. Shutting down. Losing beloved team members. Digging out. Rebuilding. Reinventing.

We have finally seen our way through the storm and 2023 will be a year full of successes, new heights, and beautiful team collaboration. These are my goals to help make it happen. What are your intentions for 2023? 


2023 Resolutions

  • Do not react. Breathe.
  • Do not have expectations of others only limits to what you will accept or tolerate.
  • Be kind to myself. I am not now, nor will I ever be, perfect.
  • Grow this company in the ballet world, by leaning into our mission as En Face Magazine.
  • Take care of my employee’s hearts by leading with mine.
  • Create community and connection in this remote workspace.
  • Celebrate 50 years with these beautiful women, Carmen, Erica, Marya, Cherina.
  • Seek adventure and new perspectives in untraveled places.
  • Make art in any form.
  •  Learn to play Clair de lune and play it regularly.
  • Make Cash laugh often and enjoy the moment.
  • Drink more water and champagne.

 – Misty Tompoles, En Face Magazine & Artslandia Publisher & Founder

Misty is the innovative leader who has been at the helm of Artslandia since its founding in 2006 and En Face Magazine’s launch in 2022. Outside of work she loves taking something old and discarded and making it beautiful once again. From a chair to an abandoned building, she finds value in saving and fixing. She is deeply committed to raising a kind human being, trying to add beauty to the world, and consuming as much art and culture as possible. 

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