Boston Ballet will perform George Balanchine’s Apollo alongside the Boston Symphony Orchestra in an exciting guest engagement at Tanglewood. The legendary work brings humanity to Greek mythology, demonstrating an artistic coming of age for the title character, as well as Balanchine himself. Apollo was Balanchine’s first international success and effectively launched his career, as well as his lifelong partnership with composer Igor Stravinsky. Balanchine described this collaboration with Stravinsky as “a turning point” in his life for its innovative marriage of classical themes and jazz ideas. Dancers Patrick Yocum, Ji Young Chae, Chisako Oga, and Kaitlyn Casey, will perform this iconic ballet alongside the BSO performing Stravinsky’s composition Apollon musagète, which accompanies the ballet Apollo.

In addition to the guest performance, Boston Ballet will bring its multimedia public art experience ÜNI to the Berkshires for the first time. Designed to be a portal to dance for the community, ÜNI is both an intimate experience and a sculptural spectacle for the senses. Created in collaboration with MASARY, ÜNI features 12 dance films and transports audiences to a 360-degree dome showcasing both contemporary and classical dance pieces. When selecting choreographers, collaborators, and artists to participate in the development of ÜNI, Boston Ballet focused on highlighting the work of underrepresented voices within the world of dance. ÜNI was born of the idea that dance should be inclusive, welcoming, and available to all, and the diverse array of partners that brought this project to life is an extension of that vision.


Performance: July 12 at 8 pm
ÜNI: July 12–14

For more information and tickets, visit For more information on ÜNI, visit

This article was provided courtesy of Boston Ballet

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