Misty Tompoles

Annabella Showerman is a passionate supporter of the arts, having spent decades not only as an avid patron and participant but also as a dedicated community advocate. She believes art is a powerful means by which we are able to resonate with others and explore the human experience, which is what excites her most in life. A Portland native, she joined the Artslandia team in 2015, and is grateful to have since held several positions in administrative, management, and operations departments. She has facilitated the production of hundreds of publications for music, dance, and theatre organizations across the country. Throughout her tenure at Artslandia, it has been a commitment to the team, earnest enthusiasm for hard work, attention to detail, and a dedication to the company’s mission that has contributed to continued growth and opportunities. In her current role as Chief of Staff at Artslandia and En Face, she is committed to implementing strategies that not only bolster the success of the Artslandia and En Face team, but also work to foster an enriched community that values and recognizes the importance of artistic expression. In her free time, she also enjoys traveling, reading, and dining out at the many incredible restaurants that Portland’s culinary scene has to offer.