Magazine Publishing

“I want to thank you [En Face Magazine] so much for making our gala extra special and producing such a spectacular program for us. Never have I seen so many Instagram posts featuring our program booklet EVER! I also saw so many people taking stacks of programs with them, which was a first. People clearly felt they were keepsakes, which was so awesome to witness. Our performances were spectacular and you truly elevated our brand.

I am so grateful to your team. They were so wonderful to work with and so generous and patient. You have a fabulous team! Thank you for helping us pay tribute to Virginia in such a special way. Thank you for helping us signal to our donors and board members that we are major players in the NYC cultural community.”

Dance Theatre of Harlem

Prestigious ballet organizations and presenters across the country are embracing En Face’s fresh perspective on the stodgy conventional playbill. Our radically reinvented publications go beyond a tweaked logo or multicolored header for playbills that are as visually stunning and evocative as the performances they champion.

We deliver gorgeous magazines by harmonizing the skills of a highly specialized sales team with gifted graphic designers and fastidious project managers. Our longstanding relationships with printers result in consistent quality and volume discounts. Together, these efficiencies allow us to offer a superior product with favorable terms, preserving time and capital that can be reinvested in the art your company performs.

Your performance magazine makes the first impression of your organization each time a patron takes their seat with it in hand, and a lasting impression each time it’s tucked away as a keepsake. Don’t settle for anything less than sophisticated, contemporary aesthetics and quality on par with the rest of your work. We’ve helped many partners switch to En Face, making the process easy and seamless.

We Sell Advertising

Are you making cold calls here and there in hopes that you squeak out enough in sales to cover your print costs? Is selling ads creating extra stress and one more to-do on an ever-growing list? Are you held hostage by outdated financial terms that don’t serve your interest? Selling advertising is a full-time job, and it’s really hard. Let it be our full-time job, not yours! En Face’s advertising executives are genuine and earnest in their approach to selling advertising. We know ballet, and we know the value of the ballet audience. As ambassadors of your performing arts organization to your local community, we bring our commitment to what you are selling and our belief in your organization to every conversation we have with advertisers.

Did we mention we specialize in arts? En Face produces dance publications. It is all we do. We are experts at the message and sincere in its delivery of each and every sale. The En Face sales force is specially trained to approach advertisers from a wide variety of businesses and heritage brands that align with dance in message and mission. We are relationship builders first and sales professionals second. With sophisticated software, professional media kits, and an innovative approach, we are positioned and prepared to cross-sell with other performing arts publications, both regionally and nationally, to buoy organizations in all the markets we partner.

You Provide the Content

We are experts at design and layout. You just provide your content, and we’ll work our magic. Just like En Face, your organization has a brand. You want to protect it. We respect this and will provide you with a publication that mirrors your established guidelines to make a consistent and professional impression on your audience. Our master designers will help create a brand style guide if one doesn’t already exist. We’ll meticulously follow the standards with efficiency and creativity worthy of and unique to your organization. We’ve refined our process over years and countless publications to ensure consistent, timely, and extraordinary publications.

We Design the Magazine and Manage the Project

We don’t state this lightly. Project management may sound like a commonplace skill, but our particular style of organizing and tracking deliverables and deadlines has proven to simplify and streamline the process for all of our clients. It’s one of the many things that distinguishes us from other publishers. Our goal is to make publishing magazines easier for you, with a better-finished project as a result. 

Revisions are Made

Through our comprehensive production schedule, we work through a proven, easy, multilayer revision and editing process. We are not happy until you are happy. Need another set of editing eyeballs? We have those too. As an En Face partner, our internal editing team and copy editor are yours by request. Nothing hits the printer before it is approved by your organization. We love saving you money because we know it will be put toward creating and presenting performance art. En Face publications are consistent with the highest quality and affordability. We believe your magazines should represent your organization in prestige and professionalism and will settle for nothing less.

Magazines are Printed and Shipped to You

Could you use the extra money for your organization? We know where you can find it – printing. We print a lot, so printers want our business and give us volume pricing to get it. Over the years, we have built solid relationships to ensure consistent quality and volume discounting that we pass on to you. You need your programs by opening night. We get it! Assumptions are the enemy of deadlines, so our team checks and double-checks, tracking the delivery of your magazines from printer to venue before we consider the job done. You needn’t worry. We handle all the details, leaving you to feast your eyes on your beautiful magazine.