What We Do

En Face Magazine

/än ˈfäs/ Facing the audience

En Face Magazine takes pride in being the most extensive collection of ballet performing arts magazines in the United States. Our publications are meticulously crafted to mirror and support the exceptional performances of our country’s most prestigious ballet companies.


Mission Statement

En Face Magazine: Ballet Collection’s mission is to celebrate and elevate ballet companies across the country — the dancers, the choreographers, the donors, and supporters, and all those professionals that give audiences the gift of their talents.


Why En Face Magazine

En Face Magazine is a publication showcasing the country’s most prestigious ballet companies. Our mission is to provide support and recognition to the dancers, choreographers, donors, supporters, and all other artists associated with the world of ballet. Through our print and online platforms, we aim to inspire individuals to engage with and appreciate this beautiful art form.

 With En Face Magazine, we create in-theatre publications that capture the essence of ballet performances and reflect their elegance and artistry. These magazines serve as a companion for audiences attending ballet shows, offering insights into the production, behind-the-scenes stories, interviews with dancers and choreographers, and more. By honoring and celebrating ballet through our in-theatre magazines, we can enhance the overall experience for attendees and deepen their connection to the art form.

 In addition to our print publications, En Face Magazine also offers an online platform that features a wealth of content related to ballet. From articles about ballet history, technique, and famous dancers to interviews, reviews, and features on upcoming performances, our online magazine serves as a comprehensive resource for ballet enthusiasts. Whether you are a seasoned ballet aficionado or new to the art form, our online magazine provides a space to learn, discover, and immerse yourself in all things ballet.

At En Face Magazine, we are passionate about promoting ballet and creating a community of individuals who appreciate its beauty and significance. Through our publications, both in print and online, we strive to inspire, inform, and captivate our readers with the world of ballet. Join us in celebrating this art form, and let En Face Magazine be your gateway to the enchanting world of ballet.


Origin Story

During the challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic, the performing arts community faced unprecedented obstacles with canceled performances, unemployed artists, and isolated audiences. However, Artslandia Publishing, refusing to succumb to the circumstances, rose to the occasion and embraced the digital realm. In a remarkable display of innovation, they created an unforgettable and whimsical interactive magazine for San Francisco Ballet’s The Nutcracker, bringing joy to virtual audiences and reigniting the passion of all those involved.

This transformative project not only brought delight to viewers but also strengthened Artslandia Publishing’s determination to revitalize the arts community after the pandemic. It ignited a new dream, a vision to invest even more profoundly in the beauty and essence of the ballet world. Thus, En Face Magazine was conceived—a publication dedicated to celebrating and uplifting ballet not only on the West Coast but throughout the entire country.

 En Face Magazine proudly represents the most prestigious ballet companies in the nation through its collection of printed performing arts magazines. These publications serve as a medium for honoring the artistry, talent, and dedication of the dancers, choreographers, donors, supporters, and all those involved in the ballet community. Each magazine is a testament to the resilience and artistry of ballet, capturing the essence of performances and inspiring readers to join in the celebration.

 But En Face Magazine goes beyond the printed page. It has become a vibrant platform for conversations within a thriving community of dance enthusiasts through social media. By fostering dialogue and engagement, En Face Magazine creates a space where ballet lovers can connect, share their passion, and delve deeper into the world of ballet.

 Additionally, En Face Magazine produces dynamic and original online content that explores the various captivating aspects of the ballet world. From insightful articles to behind-the-scenes features, this content provides readers with a comprehensive and immersive experience, inviting them to explore and appreciate ballet in all its beauty.

En Face Magazine is more than a publication—it is a testament to the enduring power of ballet and its ability to captivate, inspire, and uplift. By championing the art form and shedding light on the remarkable talent within the ballet community, En Face Magazine aims to contribute to the renaissance of the performing arts and to inspire a new generation of ballet enthusiasts.