What We Do

En Face Magazine

/än ˈfäs/ Facing the audience

 En Face Magazine is devoted to celebrating and elevating ballet across the United States. We represent the country’s most prestigious ballet companies through our collection of performing arts publications. Our mission is to support and give recognition to the dancers, choreographers, donors, supporters, and all other artists associated with ballet. Our goal is to inspire individuals to join us in celebrating this beautiful art form by creating an online magazine filled with content about all things ballet. En Face Magazine is the perfect place to learn more about ballet, get inspired by others’ stories, or simply discover beautiful performances.


Mission Statement

En Face Magazine’s mission is to celebrate and elevate ballet companies across the country — the dancers, the choreographers, the donors and supporters, and all those professionals that give audiences the gift of their talents.


Why En Face Magazine

Ballet is an ephemeral moment of beauty; a fleeting experience of athleticism and grace that fades away as the dancer steps into the wings and the curtain falls. We believe that ballet deserves to be held in the heart and in the mind far beyond the moment of the performance’s conclusion, and it is for that reason that En Face Magazine exists.

From the printed playbills that provide a tangible memory of the ethereal movement, to the vibrant articles and conversations of the online magazine that delve deep into the process and explore the many facets of this art form, En Face Magazine captures the movement of ballet midstep so we can savor the glory of every detail. And in this way, we not only celebrate the artists who make it all possible, but we take the audience with us on the journey. 


Origin Story

The performing arts community was brought to a near halt as the COVID-19 pandemic closed down performances globally. In a sea of cancellation notices, laid-off artists, and quarantined audience members, the printed playbill seemed like it may fade into the past.

But instead of stepping down, Artslandia Publishing rose to the challenge and pivoted to a digital space, first creating an unforgettably whimsical and interactive playbill for San Francisco Ballet’s The Nutcracker. The project brought unadulterated delight to both virtual audience members as well as each of the creatives involved, strengthening Artslandia Publishing’s resolve to come back to vibrant life after the pandemic, as well as inspiring a new dream – a dream to invest even more deeply into the beauty of the ballet community.

And so En Face Magazine was born. A publication entirely devoted to celebrating and elevating ballet not just on the west coast, but all across the country. We now represent the country’s most prestigious ballet companies through our collection of printed performing arts publications, provide a vibrant place for conversation to a thriving community of dance lovers through social media, and author vibrant original online content that explores the many lovely facets of the ballet world.


Grow With Us

Established in 2022, En Face Magazine already counts 10 prestigious ballet companies among its family of publications and has begun bringing a vibrant online magazine to life with original content that celebrates the ballet community at large. Grow with us as we elevate ballet across the country.