The heart of Boston Ballet is the human experience. Through our living and breathing art, we forge human connections—between artist and attendee, teacher and trainee, friend and newcomer, one’s outer and inner self.

Dance history is human history, full of innate beauty, generational memory, and contradictions. We share many characteristics that define our city, as global leaders of innovation with a rich heritage and diverse culture. But Boston’s history is not perfect—and neither is the history of ballet. In order to heal as a community, we must unite against inequality, inequity, and exclusivity.

We are Boston’s Ballet. We believe in the transformative power of dance to inspire positive change in our community and beyond. We step toward the future, where our art breaks down barriers, opens minds, strengthens our connections to each other, and is shared more widely with all. Because the future of dance is the future of humanity.

Together, we move—forward and farther—as Boston’s Ballet.

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