Meet The Team

Our team is made up of arts devotees whose sole mission is to create innovative and genius tactics to promote performing arts. Whether in line for coffee, on the treadmill at the gym, stuck in traffic, or seated in an audience, we are always generating unique ideas. We are the audience, the patrons, and the donors. Our goal is to introduce new audiences, sell tickets, create lifelong patrons, and support artists so they can continue to enrich our lives with their creativity.

Misty Tompoles

Publisher + Founder

Heidi Bressler

Publishing Sales Executive

Chris Porras

Project Manager: Publishing

Lyle Laver

Publishing Sales Executive

Annabella Showerman

Director of Operations

Elspeth Sweatman

Project Manager: Publishing


Content Curator & Graphic Designer

kathryn FrEy

Publishing Sales Executive

Katrina Ketchum

Associate Publisher

Heidi Rush

Art Director

Alanna love

Content Curator


Publication Designers