Misty Tompoles | Artslandia and En Face Magazine Founder

Misty Tompoles, the CEO of En Face Magazine, has had a passion for publishing since a young age. Her entrepreneurial spirit was evident even as a child when she started her own magazine business, selling publications door-to-door in her neighborhood. This early experience laid the foundation for her future career in the publishing industry.

Misty’s journey continued as she became the editor of her college newspaper and literary review, further honing her skills in the field. After college, she immersed herself in the publishing world, taking on internships and gaining valuable experience. Her first paying job in the industry was with The Winged M Magazine in Portland.

 Driven by her entrepreneurial drive and love for publishing, Misty ventured into launching her own design shop. In 2006, she brought new partners on board, leading to a rebranding of the venture as PlaybillsNW. This innovative company transformed the traditional playbill model and quickly gained traction within the performing arts community. In its first year, PlaybillsNW published 27 playbills with a circulation of 98,000, showcasing its rapid growth and success.

The remarkable growth of PlaybillsNW in 2008, resulted in a transformation and an expanded mission into Artslandia to connect and support creators and supporters of music, dance, and theater. Misty’s vision and leadership led to the launch of En Face Magazine in 2022, a publication dedicated to celebrating and elevating ballet on a national scale.

 Throughout her journey, Misty has prioritized taking care of her team, recognizing that happy and motivated employees are crucial for a successful company. Leading by example, she has instilled a culture of support and loyalty within Artslandia, fostering a strong and committed team that shares the company’s mission.

With a circulation of over 1.41 million issues annually and a readership of 2.96 million, Misty’s accomplishments and the growth of Artslandia under her leadership are nothing short of remarkable. Her unwavering passion for publishing and dedication to her team and clients continue to drive the success of En Face Magazine and its mission to celebrate and elevate ballet on a national scale. As Misty looks to the future, she remains excited and eager to see where the journey takes her and her team next, reflecting the same enthusiasm she had as a 7-year-old selling hand-drawn booklets.